1.3m Artificial Ficus Tree in pot
1.3m Artificial Ficus Tree in pot
1.3m Artificial Ficus Tree in pot
1.3m Artificial Ficus Tree in pot

1.3m Artificial Ficus Tree in pot


Introducing our majestic 1.3m Artificial Ficus Tree, a striking testament to the beauty of nature meticulously crafted for indoor spaces. Standing tall and proud in its pot, this lifelike ficus tree boasts three distinctive features that make it a standout addition to any environment:

Key Features:

  • Lifelike Foliage: The ficus tree features intricately crafted foliage that mirrors the natural beauty of real ficus trees. Each leaf is meticulously designed with realistic details, including varying shades of green and subtle veins, creating a lifelike appearance that brings the beauty of nature indoors. s
  • Sturdy Pot: Nestled within a sturdy pot, this artificial ficus tree is supported with stability and durability in mind. The pot's design complements the overall aesthetic of the tree, providing a seamless transition from the base to the foliage.
  • Impressive Height: Standing at an impressive height of 1.3 meters, this artificial ficus tree commands attention with its grandeur and presence. Whether placed in a corner of a room, beside a window, or as a centerpiece in a larger space, its towering height adds visual interest and drama to the surroundings.
Product Dimensions
    H133cm x W30cm x D30cm

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